Distributed Sensing: Mobile Media Methodologies

Workshop of the DFG Research Training Group „Locating Media“
and the Institute of Science, Technology and Media Studies
at the University of Siegen

Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2, Room AR-A 1001, 57076 Siegen, Germany

27 November 2015


10:00 Carolin Gerlitz
Sensor Apps and Mobile Interface Methods: Tracing Digital Navigation

11:00 Thomas Ludwig
Social Media and Mobile Technologies as New Options for Crowd Sensing

12:00 Johanna Meurer
Media Geographies and Mobile Sensing

14:00 Asko Lehmuskallio
Transforming Practices of Seeing: Networked Cameras as a Nexus in Social Relations

15:00 Hendrik Bender
The New Aerial Age: The Mutual Production of Shared Media and Spatial Practices on
the Example of Drone Communities

16:00 Tristan Thielmann
Imitations and Limitations of Cognitive Mappings for the Analysis of Mobile Media Practices

Final Discussion



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